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Car Donations Advance CTE Program

Recent car donations have accelerated the learning environment for students in the Automotive Pathway at Bastrop High School. Thanks to a partnership between Austin Community College and Honda, Bastrop High School received a 2013 Honda Odyssey earlier this month.


"Newer model cars have newer computer systems and are much more advanced. The hands-on training this provides our students is incredible. They are going to learn more about how these cars operate. This helps them be better prepared when they enter the workforce," said James Cunningham, Auto Tech Teacher at Bastrop High School.


Nearly 120 students are enrolled in the Automotive Pathway, which is why every donated vehicle is important. The additional vehicles provide students with options and new learning materials.


"My 92 year-old mother-in-law, Fay Zeman, donated her 1999 Cadillac. She has always valued education and thought this was a nice way to help," said James Braswell, AP/Pre-AP Chemistry teacher at Bastrop High School.


Rob Hill, a social studies teacher at Cedar Creek High School, wanted to provide the students with a unique opportunity. Instead of trading in his 2010 Ford Focus when he bought a new one, he donated the car to BHS.


“I had my Ford Focus with me in New York, Florida & now Texas. It got me through blizzards, major storms, and many moves. I decided to donate it to the BISD automotive program to give students a chance to work on a northern car so they could have the experience of working on a vehicle affected by rust and salt. I hope the program benefits from it a great deal,” he said.


Car donations like these provide students with enhanced educational opportunities. In addition to classroom instruction, students perform repairs and maintenance on vehicles, which helps to prepare them for the workforce.


For more information about donations to the Automotive Pathway or any of our Career and Technical Education programs, visit our website or contact Amanda Brantley, CTE director.


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