About Us


    CRCA is an Early College High School

    What exactly does this mean?

    •  CRCA Students Complete an Associate Degree and High School Diploma simultaneously!
    • They will graduate with 60 college hours and 26 high school credits – Dual Credit


    • Larger academic workload inside and outside the classroom

    • More rigorous academic work combined with a greater focus

    • Less traditional high school extracurricular activities

    How We Meet Student Needs:

    • Smaller Class Sizes

    • Academic supports – RTI periods, Tutorials – before school and after school

    • Fantastic teachers who know their stuff and love students

    • Support at home

    Mission Statement: We provide all of our students with the opportunity and educational foundation to pave the path to university success by earning an associates degree upon graduation from high school.

    Vision: We envision a successful future in academia for all of our students, sustained by the foundation of an excellent high school education.

    Value Statement:

    • CRCA’s core values:
    • We will respect the learning process.
    • We will exhibit professionalism at all times.
    • We will encourage parental and community involvement.
    • We will support the collaborative efforts of Bastrop ISD and Austin Community College.