• Syllabus


    Hi! My name is Emily Cholette and I teach 7th grade PAP and 8th grade Math at Cedar Creek Middle School! I am orginally from Dallas, Texas then went to the University of Oklahoma for college. I ended up graduating with degrees in mathematics and mathematics education. This is my fourth year of teaching and third year at Cedar Creek Middle School. I am currently going back to University of Texas to get my masters in STEM ED, I am the Mathematics 8th grade/7th PAP department chair, and I am proud to coach the CCMS Cheer team! 


    My class schedule is as follows: 

    Eagletime.... 8:29 - 8:54

    1st hour.... 8:58 - 9:49 

    2nd hour.... 9:53 - 10:44 (PLC hour - meet with the math team to plan)

    3rd hour.... 10:48 - 11:39

    4th hour.... 11:43 - 1:15 (A Lunch)

    5th hour.... 1:19 - 2:10

    6th hour.... 2:14 - 3:05

    7th hour..... 3:09 - 4:00 (Conference Period)


    Emily Cholette

    7th grade PAP Math and 8th Grade Math Cedar Creek Middle School

    Math Department Chair

    Cheer Coach



Emily Cholette