Ms. Cynthia Smith [aka Symphony by her friends] holds Bachelor of Arts degrees from University of California, Riverside in Theatre and English.

    Over the past twenty years, Ms. Smith created, developed and implemented innovative theater and choral curriculua for middle and  high school students in San Bernardino, California; Riverside, California; Los Angeles, California, and Bastrop Texas at Bastrop Middle School. She and her students successfully expanded each program to incorporate all levels of experience-from beginner to advance.   

    Here at BMS, she started the Tales 'n Paws Theatre Company (T 'n P est, 2018), empowering her middle school students by teaching them how to run their own successful theatre company serving their school and community.  Beginning stagecraft students learn the artistic elements and history of design, the production process and management in their technical theatre courses. While the  performance classes focus on mastering acting techniques by studying history, various acting styles, technique, script analysis, character development and self-expression.  Advance students represent T ‘n P producing their own shows, and using what they acquire in the beginning course work. During productions and performances, students have several opportunities to practice leadership skills ranging from team leader to directing.

    Ms. Smith loves encouraging young people through her theatre classes, performance workshops, John Maxwell’s YouthMax Plus leadership training, summer camps, storytelling workshops, after school activities, and Open Mic programs.   Prior to moving from California to Texas, she performed original poetry in local venues, and at various conferences. She continues her work local community.  Her greatest joy is when she is producing, directing, or appearing in plays. Friends have frequently found her, hosting women's conferences, mixed mics, hosting pastor and church anniversaries, and special events in the community.

    This professional speaker, poet, and host strives to connect to her students, her community and beyond.  One of her favorite quotes is, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."  Her desire is to learn as much as she can from others.  "I want to know their heart!"

Theatre Director
  • Contact me:  Bastrop Middle School Theatre Dept X 32403