• Hello there! This is my second year at BMS. This year, I am the Cheer sponsor. I am teaching 3 Honors English classes and 2 On-Level English classes. I am always available by email at ktaylor1@bisdtx.org


    My tutorial times are Tuesday mornings from 8:00-8:25 and Wednesday afternoon from 4:00-4:25. Students may arrange an alternate time to come and meet with me if they would like!

  • My daily schedule 2022-2023:

    Bear Time ~ 8:50-9:10 (in class)

    1st Period ~ 9:14-10:04 (in class)

    2nd Period ~ 10:08-10:58 (conference period)

    3rd Period~ 11:02-11:52 (in class)

    Lunch ~ 11:56-11:29

    4th Period ~ 11:30-1:38 (in class)

    5th Period ~ 1:42-2:32 (in class)

    6th Period ~ 2:36- 3:26 (PLT/Planning Period)

    7th Period ~ 3:30-4:20 (in class)

Texas State Graduate
  • My email is ktaylor1@bisdtx.org

    If you would like to talk on the phone, just send me an email with a good time to call and I will make sure to contact you!