• About Me

    My name is Doedee Vann. I have been teaching for 27 years. I taught Pre-K for 12 years, and I have been teaching kindergarten for the last 15 years. I love working with students this age. They are so honest and eager to learn. Five year old children have the gift of making me smile, and they make each day a new adventure in learning. My goal as their teacher is to create within a lifelong love of learning. When I hear parents say that their child loves reading or writing I know I have accomplished my goal. Keeping each child engaged in the learning process is also something I strive to do, and I ask for parental support in this process. We are much stronger as a team. Success is also something that is my desire for each student in my classroom. You are welcome to contact me at 512-772-7620. My conference period is from 8:20-9:10. You can email me atdvann@bisdtx.org   
    In my classroom, you will find a warm and inviting atmosphere where children are not afraid to make mistakes or ask questions.  Each day is a new day and each child starts fresh daily as we leave past mistakes or failures behind.  Students will find fairness and respect in my classroom, and I expect to find each of these traits growing in my kindergarten friends.  I continually try to seek ways to improve my teaching through being a lifelong learner myself.  I am open to change that brings positive results in my students.
  • Class Schedule


    Mrs. Vann’s Schedule- 2019-2020

    7:15-7:40 Breakfast in the classroom/Announcements

    7:40-8:20 Science

    8:20-9:10 Specials

    9:10-10:20 Math

    10:20-10:40 SEL (Social Emotional Learning)

    10:40-10:45   Heggerty Phonics(begin)

    10:50-11:20 Lunch

    11:30-11:50   Saxon Phonics/Finish Heggerty

    11:50-12:05  Sight Word Practice

    12:05-12:55    Guided Reading Groups/Stations

    12:55-1:20 Read To/Whole Group Lesson

    1:20-1:40 Recess

    1:40-2:10 Cub Challenge/RTI/Enrichment Time

    2:10-2:40 Writing

    2:45-2:50 Snack

    2:50-2:55 Pack up/Prepare for dismissal 

    Library- Mondays from 12:30-1:00

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  • Contact Me

    You are welcome to contact me at 512-772-7620. My conference period is from 8:20-9:10. You can email me at dvann@bisdtx.org