• My name is Lillian Rebecca Jones.  I graduated from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This is my 24th year of teaching. I have taught in Louisiana, Arizona and Texas.  I have taught both First Grade and Kindergarten.  My husband and I have three beautiful children, two girls (25 & 13) and a son(29). The one thing I hope you learn about me this year is that I LOVE teaching children!  I hope you will take comfort in knowing that I will treat the children in my class as if they were my own. This means a lot of things: showing respect, treating them fairly, praising them where it is earned, and holding very high expectations- both behaviorally and academically.  Here are some of the things I expect from every child every day!  We call this our “Success Criteria”!

    • I expect them to come to school every day ready to learn!
    • I expect them to work hard every day!
    • I expect them to follow all the rules every day!
    • I expect them to be kind to each other!
    • I expect them to treat me with respect!
    • I expect them to become incredible readers, writers, scientists, and mathematicians!

    All of these things will happen this year, and much more!  I hope that we will ALL work together to help your child be a successful First-Grader and to work on becoming a life-long learner!

    Looking forward to a wonderful year in First Grade!

    Mrs. Jones


    • Class Schedule

    7:20-7:30      Morning Activities (Attendance graph, morning work)

    7:30 -7:35      Morning Announcements, Pledges   

    7:35-7:50      SEL- Morning Meeting

    7:50-8:30      Math

    8:30-9:10       Guided Math & Math Stations

    9:10-9:40       Math “Cub Challenge” Enrichment / RTI Intervention

    9:40- 10:30    Specials: (A) Art  (B) PE  (C) Computers  (D) PE   

                          (E) Music    (F) PE

    10:30-11:15     RLA- Saxon Phonics / word work/Haggerty

    11:15-11:45     Lunch

    11:50-12:10     Recess  (M) Swings   (T) Small   (W) Big  (Th) Swings  (F) Small 

    (5-minute transitions before and after)   

    12:15-12:45    Reading “Cub Challenge” Enrichment / RTI Intervention

    12:45-1:45      Guided Reading & Literacy Centers

    1:45-2:30       RLA/SS- Reading/ Writers Workshop

    2:30-2:55      Science        

    3:00               Dismissal              

Mrs. Jones
  • Mrs. Rebecca Jones

    Emile Elementary 

    1st Grade


    Please don't hesitate to contact me with any concerns you may have.  You can call me at school (512) 772-7620, send me a note in your child's Frog Binder or email me at ljones2@bisdtx.org.  I am available for conferences regarding your child's progress from 9:40-10:30 or 3:30-3:45.