About Us

  • Bastrop Intermediate School is located in historic Bastrop, Texas, deep in the heart of the beautiful lost pines. Bastrop is a rapidly growing, rural community 30 miles southeast of Austin. The school building houses over 400 sixth-grade students.


    Bastrop Intermediate will be known for ensuring high levels of academic achievement in that all students make at least one year's growth from year to year.


    Bastrop Intermediate School ensures high levels of learning for all students and staff in a safe and secure environment so that all students are able to be successful at or above grade level.

    Bastrop ISD integrates 21st-century skills in all aspects of teaching and learning in dynamic, collaborative, innovative environments. 

    Bastrop ISD provides ongoing support and continuous professional development for all staff with a focus on 21st-century skills development. 
    Bastrop ISD continuously ensures and monitors academic, fiscal, and performance accountability for all employees and students. 
    Bastrop ISD continuously seeks avenues to increase and effectively utilize parent and community partnerships by creating/fostering a culture that is conducive to the teaching and learning process for the 21st century
    School motto:
    Kodiaks rise with knowledge, character, and excellence.

    School mascot:
    Kodiak bear

    School colors:
    Maroon and gold

    School Song:
    We are the Kodiak Bears
    At Bastrop Intermediate
    We rise with knowledge and with character
    We are the largest bear
    We are the boldest
    That's why we are the Kodiak Bears!
    (sung to the tune of This Land is Your Land)