• I love teaching at Mina Elementary. I have been here for twenty-one years. I am currently the reading intervention teacher.

    I have three grown sons Eric and Nathan and Jacob.  I have four grown step-grandchildren and four little grandbabies ages 3 weeks to 6 years.

    My step daughter Jennifer and her family live here in Bastrop. She is my daughter and best friend. I have a brother that lives in New Braunfels, my other six

    sibings and their families live in Nebraska.  I love cooking and canning. I love big family gatherings.

    I play guitar for our 10:00 mass every Sunday at Ascension Catholic Church.

    I have a huge Mina family also. I love the awesome teachers I work with. Mina is a very special 

    place. As the RtI (Response to Intervention) teacher, I look at data and  assist in determining the students that need additional support. Currently I see 

    thirty-seven students daily in small groups for reading intervention. Joan Crawford and Mary Wilhelm are part of the RtI team. They each work two days a 

    week and see about the same numer daily. We serve approximately 80 students each day. Along with our RtI (Response to Intervention) at Mina, the

    classroom teachers provide core instruction to their students and intervention as well during power hour daily. Intervention is critical for some of our 

    students at Mina. We watch these students closely to ensure progress is being made. I love my job, and the teachers and administrators that I am privileged 

    to work with. 


Pam Burchett