• Supplies Needed for Class


    Social Studies Journal/Folder





    Color pencils or crayons

  • Classroom Expectations


    Be Safe (with your actions)

    Be Responsible (with your supplies)

    Be Respectful (with your words)

  • Social Studies Syllabus

    Unit 1: Thinking Like a Geographer

    Unit 2: Freedom for All - The US and Canada

    Unit 3: A Legacy of Colonialism - Latin America

    Unit 4: We Are Family - Europe

    Unit 5: Empire and Ethnicity - Russia and the Eurasian Republics

    Unit 6: A Crossroads of Diffusion - Southwest Asia and North Africa

    Unit 7: Facing Challenges - Sub Saharan Africa

    Unit 8: Unity and Division - South Asia

    Unit 9: Tradition In a Modern World - East and Southeast Asia

    Unit 10: Adapting Down Under - The Pacific Realm