Science and Social Studies Timelines

  • Science


    Introduction: Process for Scientific Method 

       Aug 14-20

    Unit 1: Investigating Physical Properties of Matter 

       Aug 21-Sept 20 

    Unit 2: Investigating Forms of Energy 

       Sept 23-Oct 22

    Unit 3: Investigating Forces 

       Oct 23-Nov 6

    Unit 4: Investigating Earth's Changes

       Nov 7-Dec 6

    Unit 9: Investigating Fossils and Environments 

       Dec 9-19

    Unit 5: Investigating Water and Weather Patterns

       Jan 7-24

    Unit 6: Investigating Sun, Earth, and Moon Systems

       Jan 27-Feb 25

    Unit 7: Investigating Ecosystem Interactions

       Feb 26-Mar 27

    Unit 8: Investigating Structures and Behaviors of Organisms

       Mar 30-April 21

    STAAR Review

       April 22-May 8

    Unit 10: Designing Experimental Investigations

       May 11-27

  • Social Studies 


    Unit 1: These United States: A Varied Landscape


    Unit 2: Thinking Like A Historian 

       Aug 26-30

    Unit 3: Coming to America: Exploring and Colonizing America

       Sept 3-20

    Unit 4: Unrest and Rebellion: Fighting for Independence 

       Sept 23-Oct 18

    Unit 5: A New Nation: Found of the United States

       Oct 21- Nov 1

    Unit 6: An American Identity: Become the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave 

       Nov 4-22

    Unit 7: Migration Westward: Expanding the United States

       Dec 2-19

    Unit 8: Civil War: Dividing and Rebuilding the Union 

       Jan 7-24

    Unit 9: A New Century: Transitioning to a Modern America

       Jan 27-Feb 14

    Unit 10: Challenging Times: Emerging as a World Power

       Feb 18-Mar 13

    Unit 11: An Anxious Nation: Creating a More Perfect Union

       Mar 23- April 24

    Unit 12: The U.S. Today: Out of Many, One

       April 27-May 27