• Students taking chemistry should note that it does require math skills as well as the ability to think in a flexible way; we have many different models of the world and some are easier to grasp than others! 

    A good thing to have is the ability to use a scientific calculator as well as a programmable calculator (I can tell you that universities often dont allow programmable ones to be used in exams; so being able to use both types is  valuable!). You will also find it valuable to have basic algebra skills so you can solve for different unknowns, and convert between different units.

    A willingness to work on the subject a little and often is best - the subject really builds on itself and overlaps with so many other academic disciplines such as Maths, Physics, Biology, Astronomy....  and the ability to learn new skills I have found is something that an employer really looks for.  

    At CRCA: to do chemistry come ready to take notes, ask questions and be curious!