• Welcome to Bastrop High!  This will be my 17th year with Bastrop ISD and 14th year at Bastrop High.  I have taught a variety of Mathematics classes and I look forward to sharing as much of my knowledge with you to build your confidence in your math abilities.  My current schedule of classes you can see in my schedule below.


    2020-2021 Class Schedule

    1st Period - Conference

    2nd Period - Statistics - Room 319

    3rd Period - Statistics - Room 319

    4th Period - Statistics - Room 319

    5th Period - Math Models - Room 319

    6th Period - AP Statistics - Room 319

    7th Period - Math Models - Room 319


    I can't believe it but I have a Senior this year here at Bastrop where she is actively involved in Band and Volleyball.  I also have two sons, one is a Sophomore and has immersed himself into the Pride of the Lost Pines Band at Bastrop.  Then my youngest son will be a 4th grader at Mina.  My wife is a 4th grade math/science teacher at Smithville Elementary, just downt the road from us.

My Family Quarantined
  • jbain@bisdtx.org

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