• Chief David R. Canales USN Ret.


    My Name is David Canales. I have been at Bastrop High School for 13 years as an NJROTC Naval Science Instructor.

    Prior to that I served 20 Years in the US Navy working in the Naval Nuclear Power program and after I retired from the Navy

    served for 5 years in the Texas Military forces in the Texas Maritime Regiment.

    NJROTC is a citizen development program designed to help High School students learn and understand what it takes to be a good citizen and to respect constituted authority.

    It's purpose is not designed to prepare a student for military service but to teach personal responsibility, leadership, physical fitness,

    service to community and country and to provide options for those who have a desire to serve their country.

    Students are under no obligation to enter the military. However they are required to wear a uniform one day of the week. 

    Uniforms are issued at no cost to the student or families.

    There are many facets to the program, such as military and Naval History, Physical Fitness, Military Drill & Ceremony,Orienteering, Marksmanship, Amateur Radio 

    and Robotics