• Hello my name is Kim Boyer. This is my 2nd year in education (as a teacher, I was a paraprofessional previously) and I teach Dyslexia and English 1.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Film, English and Theater from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I was born and raised in Aberdeen, South Dakota and moved to Austin in 2019. My hobbies include: baking, reading, trying new resturants, hanging with family and friends, listening to true crime podcasts, home improvement projects, attending live theater/movies, spending time with my pet rabbit and watching movies. I'm excited to be teaching this year. Please contact me if you need! 

  • Ms. Boyer's Schedule 


    Before School: Tuesday/Thursday - Duty (outside of classroom)

                          Monday/Wednesday/Friday (in the classroom) 

    1st - Dyslexia 

    2nd - English 1 

    3rd - Dyslexia 

    4th - Conference 


    5th - PLS (Planning with English 1 Team) 

    6th - English 1 

    7th - Dyslexia 

  • Email: kboyer@bisdtx.org

    School Status 

    Google Classroom 

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