About Us

  • Welcome to the Emile Elementary School website. We hope you find the information on this website both useful and informative. As a school, we pride ourselves on providing an educational environment that is welcoming, positive, and safe. We place a high value on education and strong relationships with parents and caregivers. We have a staff who is committed to learning and cares deeply about seeing the children learn, progress, and grow as human beings.

    Emile Elementary School is one of six elementary schools in Bastrop ISD. We are located on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in the city center. We are one of the oldest school in Bastrop ISD having first opened our doors in 1892. Since then we have undergone many changes and today we serve nearly 780 students each year in grades Pre-K through 4th. Emile Elementary receives federal funds through the Title 1 program based on the number of enrolled students who qualify for the free- and reduced-price meal program.

    Emile Elementary is also home to one of the two Child Development Centers in Bastrop ISD, which is a program to provide childcare for BISD staff and teen parents.


    Emile Elementary will promote the academic success of its students within a collaborative culture that appreciates diversity and develops well-rounded lifelong learners who will contribute responsibly to society.


    To foster a commitment to excellence in teaching and learning by providing accessible and engaging educational experiences that will lead to the development of 21st century learners accepting of change, skilled in problem solving, and prepared to make positive contributions to society. 

    School Colors

    Maroon & White



    School Song

    Adapted from Emile High School (Tune: Auld Layne Syne)
    The school I love to sing about, Emile Elementary
    The school I love to shout about,
    I love it can’t you see.
    I love the ground it stands upon.
    I love that old oak tree.
    I love the school for what it is and what it means to me.
    It is the school of my youth, the best in the USA.
    It is the school I love so well,
    I’ll keep the friends I make.
    I’ll keep the friends that I make here,
    I’ll keep the friends I make.
    I love the school for what it is with friends so close and dear.