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    My name is Gabrielle Torres and this will be my first year at Emile Elementary as an RTI teacher. I grew up in Louisiana and attended Louisiana State University where I received my Bachelor's and Masters in Teaching with a specialization in Reading. I am currently persuing another Masters in Educational Leadership through LSU Online. I live in Austin with my husband and daughter and our two English Bulldog puppies. I love crafting, reading, and spending time with my family in my spare time. 




    7:15-7:50- Morning Duty

    7:55-8:25- Kinder Cub Challenge

    8:45-9:30- 4th Grade Cub Challenge/Tech Time

    9:40-10:25- 3rd Grade Cub Challenge/Tech Time 

    10:25-11:10- Conference

    11:25-12:00- Lunch Duty

    12:15-1:00- 1st Grade Cub Challenge

    1:30-2:15- 2nd Grade Cub Challenge

    2:00-3:00- PLC


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