About Me

  • I am an inclusion teacher for 3 classes of Algebraic Reasoning with Coach Sims, Geometry and Ag Math with Coach Fidler, and History with Coach Horton. 

    Inclusion means there is a second teacher in the classroom who provides academic accommodations for students with disabilities.  I also support students without disabilities.  Basically, I help *all* students succeed!

Shelly Hewett
  • Schedule

    1st Period (8:40-9:30) - Conference

    2nd Period (9:35-11:05) - Algebraic Reasoning C108

    3rd Period (11:10-12:00) - Geometry C110

    *Lunch* (12:00-12:30)

    4th Period (12:35-1:25) - Ag Math C110

    5th Period ( 1:30-2:20) - Algebraic Reasoning C108

    6th Period (2:25-3:15) - World History C202

    7th Period (3:20-4:10) - Algebraic Reasoning C108

  • Tutorial Hours:

    Mornings:  Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday

    Afternoons: Mon-Thurs.

    *Wednesday morning and Friday afternoons are available by appointment.*

Contact Information

  • Shelly Hewett <shewett@bisdtx.org>