• I don't believe I'll be able to top the bio that one of my students wrote about me for a student council event, so I'll just paste that in here with a couple updates/edits:

    Brian Meyer, Indiana native and avid sloth enthusiast, is a journalism teacher, PAL sponsor, and student council advisor at Cedar Creek High School. Though he prides himself on pushing his students outside their comfort zones and encouraging them to ponder unanswerable questions, his proudest accomplishment to date is riding a corn dog. Some of his most admirable qualities include optimism and fearlessness to the point of recklessness, as is evidenced by his agreement to take on several student council challenges. Despite committing heinous crimes against fashion, no one can doubt that his heart is in the right place, and 89% of his actions reflect it.

    This is my seventh year teaching at CCHS, and I love working with our students here. I believe that the more students get involved in classes and with groups at school, the better our campus will be for everyone. I encourage students to join one of our many groups on campus, or if you're interesetd in a group we don't currently have, let's work on figuring out how to get it started.

    2017-18 Class Schedule

    1. PAL
    2. Conference (9:40-10:30)
    3. Journalism
    4. Student Council
    5. Leadership
    6. Leadership
    7. Campus Activity Coordinator