• I am originally from Indiana but moved to the Austin area in 2007. I have been teaching at Cedar Creek Highschool since 2011. During that time, I've taught Spanish, coached volleyball, basketball, and debate, among a few other classes and activities. Currently, I teach Digital Media, Yearbook, and Student Council. I strive to make my class a welcoming place in which everyone feels valued and included. If you visit my class, you'll likely come across multiple sloths, but they're generally friendly and calm.

    2021-22 Schedule

    1st period   8:40-9:30 

    Digital Media

    2nd period 9:35-10:30 


    Eagle Time 10:35-11:05 

    Eagle Time 

    3rd period 11:10-12:00 


    4th period 12:35-1:25

    StuCo 2

    5th period 1:30-2:20

    StuCo 1

    6th period 2:25-3:15

    Digital Media

    7th period 3:20-4:10



    StuCo:  https://www.bisdtx.org/Domain/3324



Sloth graphic with text: Mr. Meyer, A102C, bmeyer@bisdtx.org