Dear Students & Parents/Guardians

    Elective Changes

    Due to time and scheduling constraints during these unprecedented times, we will not be able to honor any elective change requests.  With students starting virtually, it is in the best interest of all students and teachers that students remain in the elective courses for the academic year. 

    Critical Errors

    Because students are starting virtually, we will not be able to process ANY schedule changes in the first 3 weeks of school EXCEPT for the following critical errors

    1. You already have credit for a course you are currently enrolled in
    2. You are a senior and need a change to meet graduation requirements
    3. You are missing a class period (all students should have 7 courses/class periods)
    4. You want to MOVE UP to PreAP/AP level course for which you are already enrolled (if approved, this request will be effective the week of Sept. 9th) 


    PreAP/AP/Program Changes

    Please know that counselors are not processing PreAP/AP drops or program changes at this time.  Instead, we will adhere to a strict schedule change process/timeline (listed below). 

    Monday, August 31- Thursday, September 3rd  - Schedule change request form will be available as an online link on the CCHS Counselor Corner webpage. The change requests can include:

    AP/PAP Drops - students who want to drop an AP or PAP class must attend at least 2 tutorial sessions before or after school (or virtually). They must also have parent, counselor, and associate principal approval for the change to be processed. 

    Program Changes - dropping Athletics, Band, Cheer, Drill Team, Color Guard, etc. 

    Based on one of the two criteria above being met and approved, students will receive and begin their new schedule the week of September 9th. 

    By requiring that students remain in his/her current schedule as seen in Skyward for the first three weeks, we can better ensure that teachers and students can focus on using the online platforms without having to move students in and out of Google Classrooms.  We want to ensure consistency for all students.  Please know that if your request is in regards to AP/PreAP adds/drops or a program change, we will consider those requests starting Monday, August 31st through Thursday, September 3rd so that students can start a new schedule the week of September 9th.