Program Overview

Dual Credit at BHS
  • Welcome to the BHS dual credit program! 

    • Students at BHS can take up to 36 college credit hours (12 classes) for free through Austin Community College if they join the dual credit program.
    • Classes provide high school and college credit and are weighted (1.17)!
    • Students can begin the program in their sophomore fall or junior fall semester. Students follow a specific course sequence (PDF linked below).
    • There are also optional summer classes that can be taken by any student that meets admission requirements. Students can take summer classes without joining the entire, academic-year program.
    • Admissions requirements must be completed the semester before students begin classes. See the Admissions Information page for more details on requirements. 
    • Email Mrs. Taylor (staylorburton@bisdtx.orgs ) with any questions!


    BHS Dual Credit Course Sequence