Admissions Information

    • Students must pass the Reading & Writing (ELAR) TSI test to be eligible for enrollment in dual credit classes, including summer classes. 
      • Required Reading score: 945, or 5 in the diagnostic section
      • Required Writing score: 5 on the essay
    • TSI testing is done through the College and Career Center. Contact Ms. Johnson ( for more information on testing.
    • SAT or PSAT scores can also be used to fulfill the requirements. For the SAT, students need a 480+ on the EBRW section. For the PSAT, students need a 460+ on the EBRW section.
    • Note 1: Once students have passed the TSI, SAT, or PSAT, they are eligible for enrollment. There is required paperwork to complete the enrollment process. Please reach out to Mrs. Taylor ( to receive the paperwork.
    • Note 2: To take ECON 2301 (Macroeconomics) during the senior spring semester, students will need to pass the Math TSI. This is not required for initial enrollment.
      • Required score: 950, or 6 in the diagnostic section


            Dual Credit Test Score Requirements