Mrs. Wheelis 4th Grade ELAR

  • Welcome to 4th grade! I am so happy to have you in my homeroom class this year!! Before we jump into an AMAZING school year, here is a bit of information about me. I graduated from Texas A&M University, and this will be my sixth year teaching overall - fourth year teaching 4th grade ELAR. I got into education to try and help all children find success in their life, and to use that success to drive them to greatness. I can't wait to see the GREAT things your child accomplishes this year.



    Daily Schedule:

    7:15-7:30am: Breakfast 

    7:30-7:45am: Morning Announcements

    7:45-8:00am: SEL 

    8:00-8:45am: Cardinal Time

    8:45-9:05am: Word Study

    9:05-9:15am: Grammar/P.o.P.       

    9:15-9:45am: Writing

    9:45-10:15am: Reading

    10:15-10:45am: Guided Reading


    10:45-11:35am: Specials

    11:35-1:15pm: Math

    1:15-2:15pm: Lunch/Recess

    2:15-3:00pm: Science

    3:00pm: Dismissal