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     Welcome Students and Parents!
    Quick note--my maiden name is Wessels and my married name is Swearingen. My email is wwessels from prior years.
    I am so excited to be teaching our awesome third-grade students again this year!
    School Supplies
    1 Box Crayola washable THIN markers
    1 highlighter
    1 Box Crayola crayons (24 ct. each)
    2 Glue sticks
    2 Boxes of facial tissues
    3 Pkgs. Of 12 ct. #2 pencils (36 total)
    1 Pair of metal scissors (pointed tip)
    4 Folders with brads and pockets (plastic preferred)
    4 Spiral notebooks
    1 Pkg. notebook paper (wide rule)
    1 box Expo chisel tip dry erase markers (asst 4 pack)
    2 Large pink erasers
    1 pkg pencil cap erasers
    1 3x3 sticky notes
    1 Box reclosable gallon or quart bags
    1 Box reclosable sandwich bags
    1 Pump bottle of hand sanitizer
    1 Canister of disinfectant cleaning wipes
    1 Three-ring binder, 1 ½’
    1 Pencil bag
    ♥ Take Home Folder:
    ♥ Your child will bring home and return a binder/folder every day. In this binder/folder, the students will store their homework and school handouts as well as their daily reading/math fact log. This log is to be signed each evening, agreeing that your child has read 20 min and practiced their math facts (M-Th evenings, no weekend homework). 
    ♥ Grades will be updated regularly in Family Access each reporting period and paper report cards will no longer be issued. If you require a paper copy of your child's grades then simply email me and we can get that to you.
Whitney Wessels Swearingen

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     ♥ Bluebonnet Elem.
      (Swearingen 206)
      (512)  772 - 7680
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