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     Welcome students and parents!
    Quick note--my maiden name is Wessels and my married name is Swearingen. My email is wwessels from prior years.
    I am so excited to be teaching our awesome third-grade students again this year, as well as partnering with Mrs. Mynier, who will be teaching Language Arts and Social Studies! In my class we will be focused on Math and Science
    ♥ Take Home Binder:
    Your child will bring home and return a binder every day. In this binder, the students will store their homework, school handouts for you, our newsletters, calendars and a daily reading log. The reading log is to be signed each evening, agreeing that your child has read 20 min (M-Th evenings, no weekend homework). 
    **Mrs. Mynier and I use CLASS DOJO together, as a classroom management tool, so please inquire with us to sign up and share in your child's day! Classdojo.com
    ♥ Grades will be updated regularly in Family Access each reporting period and paper report cards will no longer be issued. If you require a paper copy of your child's grades then simply email me and we can get that to you.
Whitney Wessels Swearingen

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     ♥ Bluebonnet Elem.
      (Swearingen 206)
      (512)  772 - 7680
     ♥ Conference Period 
        7:35 - 8:25 a.m.
     ♥ wwessels@bisdtx.org
        (math & science)