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  • Welcome to Mrs. Carleton's Neighborhood!

    Welcome parents and students to Mrs. Carleton's Neighborhood. The land of fun learning. Won't you come learn along with me; learn along. Won't you learn along with me?
    I am so excited to be starting our class together. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of my students and their parents, I know we will have an amazing year gaining knowledge that will help us throughout our lives. We will be working especially hard on learning our letters and our number throughout the school year.
    My name is Tayna Carleton and I am married to a wonderful man named Aaron. We have 2 amazing daughters, Baybree and Lakelynn, a son named Covewynn, a dog, Ginobili, and 3 cats, Suki, Captain Garfield Snuggles, and Sargeant Luka Prime. We have been married now for 13 years. I chose teaching as a profession for me because I love the United States of America as well as children. I believe the best way to help our great country is to educate the future of the USA, our children. If I can help them understand our country and how it works then maybe when they grow up they can truly help our country be the best it can be.

    There are several reasons why I chose to work in the Bastrop Independent School District. First off, I chose to work here because I love the area. I love the area for many reasons; one specific reason is that it is a fast growing smaller community where you can grow with it instead of feeling overwhelmed by its vastness. You are also close enough to the larger atmosphere that if you wanted to go to the city it would not be too long of a trip to get there. My second reason for wanting to teach students in this area is that there is a strong sense of community which is similar to where I grew up. I was raised in a smaller town and school district and I enjoyed this due to the fact that I was able to have more 1 on 1 attention from my teachers. I felt as though the teachers truly cared for me and my education, which brings me into my third reason for wanting to work with students in this area. I want to be able to provide this same feeling to my students that I was privileged with when I was in elementary. I want to provide them with a strong sense of community within our classroom that will not only give them the confidence to succeed in school but outside of school as well.
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  • Phone: 512-772-7680

    Conference Time: 12:40 - 1:40 or by appointment

    Email: tcarleton@bisdtx.org