Mrs. Ebert-Sipe's 2nd Grade

  • This is my first year teaching at Bluebonnet Elementary School.  I am so excited to partner with students and their families to make this a great year!

    I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio.  My family and I moved to Austin in 2014.  I have 2 daughters and 2 dachshund pups (Jeff and Luke).  


    Color: All of them? 

    Food: Indian food

    Drink: Coke or  Pure Leaf Sweet Tea

    Snack: Popcorn (white cheddar)

    Candy: Twizzlers (hard to narrow down - I have a sweet tooth!)

    Movie: The Wizard of  Oz 

    Book: Little Women

    Other likes:  musicals (love to sing along), coloring, video games (I play with my girls), baking

  • Class Schedule

    7:15-7:30  Breakfast in Classroom

    7:30-7:40  Announcements

    7:40-7:55  SEL

    7:55 -8:55  Guided Reading

    8:55-9:20  Reading

    9:20 -10:15  Writing

    10:15-11:00  Cardinal Time

    11:00-11:30  Lunch

    11:30-11:50 Recess

    11:50-1:05  Math

    1:05-1:55 Specials

    1:55-2:20 Phonics

    2:20-2:45 Science


    Contact info:

    Conference Period: 

    Monday - Friday 1:05-1:55