• It is important that our students get the most out of our scheduled instruction time. Sometimes, my students report minor complaints that may or may not need to be handled by the school nurse. The nurse works collaboratively with teachers to provide ideas to assist children in the classroom, rather than having them sent to the nurse's office. Frequent complaints include "I have a sore throat," "My tummy hurts," "I have a headache," etc. In these instances, I'll do my best to keep the kids in the classroom by providing things like peppermints (to soothe the throat), request that she/he drink some water and rest his/her head on the desk, or provide band-aids for minor cuts/scrapes/blisters. 

    However, if a child is obviously sick and/or in pain, rest assured that I will bypass the above strategies and send him/her straight to the nurse. I will also be vigilant in recognizing any of the COVID19 symptoms.

    Please feel free to contact me or the nurse's office if you have any questions about the above strategies.