• Homework ☺ 

    Students should read nightly for a minimum of 20 minutes. This may be done in a book or online (school apps are accessed through Clever) and practicing their multiplication facts using flash cards, a family member, or online (again, school apps are accessed through Clever). 

    I honestly try not to overload the students and honor your family's time, so the small amount of work the students do receive will be a review of our daily lesson or spiraled from previously taught concepts.


    4th Essential Understandings Overview (problem solving implied within all areas):

    Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide Whole Numbers

    Add and Subtract Whole Numbers with Decimals

    Understand Place Value into the 1,000,000,000.00 place

    Relate Fractions & Decimals (tenths and hundredths)

    Add and Subtract Fractions

    2 digit by 2 digit Multiplication

    4 digit by 1 digit Multiplication

    Long Division with Remainders

    Data: Frequency Tables, Dot Plots, Stem and Leaf

    Perimeter and Area 

    Use a letter as an unknown number (solve for X)

    Geometrical Concepts: Parallel Lines, Perpendicular Lines, Angles

    Measurement: Volume, Mass, Length, Elapsed Time, and Money

    This list is not inclusive of all 4th grade standards. That list and further explanation of essential knowledge and skills can be found here.


     See the following video for an example of a THIRD grade level math problem that our kiddos are expected to solve independently, coming into 4th grade: