GoldStar Transit

  • Bastrop ISD outsources student transportation to our partner, GoldStar Transit (GST). 

    GoldStar Transit is the premier provider of school bus transportation in Texas, providing everything from home to school transportation and management services to public charter transportation. We are aiming to change the culture of school transportation, creating an atmosphere focused on compassion with an emphasis on caring for the Texas school children who ride our buses every day. At GoldStar Transit, we believe that the school bus is an extension of the classroom; a student’s first and last class of the day is their ride on the bus. We value the importance of gaining the trust of the schools, the parents, and the children. Our vision of student transportation focuses on the well being of our passengers, with regard to both their physical and emotional safety. We believe that a positive experience on the school bus carries into the classroom, and nurtures a positive experience at school.

    Our core values are:

    • Passenger Safety
    • Operational Excellence
    • Community Partnership
    • Highest Level of Employee Training
    • Superb Fleet Maintenance
    • Honesty & Integrity


    Student Transportation Inc. is the parent company of GoldStar Transit. Student Transportation Inc. is North America’s third-largest and most progressive provider of school bus transportation services, operating more than 9,000 vehicles in over 200 school districts. Student Transportation Inc. is a growing family of local companies committed to providing the highest level of safe, reliable and cost-effective student transportation. Drivers, dispatchers, maintenance technicians, terminal managers, and other caring members of your community whom you know and trust deliver our services.


    James Barrett, General Manager,

    Tiffany Grant, Operations Manager,

    Patricia Zimmermann, Router,

    512-321-5262 or 512-321-5706