Homebound Services

  • Purpose of General Education Homebound (GEH) Services
    Homebound services are provided as part of the General Education program of BISD. This instructional arrangement/setting is designed for students who have a severe medical or serious chronic health condition that prohibits participation in the educational program on a school campus and they are restricted to home/bedside.

    Criteria for Homebound Services - Student Attendance Accounting Handbook
    Any student who is served through the homebound program must meet the following three criteria:

    • The student is expected to be confined at home or in hospital for a minimum of 4 weeks. The weeks need not be consecutive.
    • The student is confined at home or hospital for medical reasons only.
    • The student’s medical condition is documented by a physician licensed to practice in the United States.



    Eligibility Procedures

    Upon request for homebound services by the parent/guardian or adult student, the District will request consent for a release of records to speak with the student’s physician to collaborate and coordinate services.  When consent is received, the District will submit a Homebound Needs Assessment Form, for the physician to complete.


    Approval for Homebound Services

    After receiving the completed Homebound Needs Assessment from the student’s physician, a GEH (General Education Homebound) meeting will be scheduled. The meeting will consist of the parent/guardian, a teacher of the student,  a school administrator, the homebound teacher, and the school counselor. After reviewing the doctor's recommendation, the committee will determine the best plan for the student, keeping in mind the least restrictive environment.

    The following documentation must be included in the GEH meeting:

    • The decision about eligibility for homebound services
    • The type(s) and amount of instruction to be provided to the student, including the designated amount of time per week instruction will be provided
    • Documentation from a licensed physician stating that the student has a medical condition that requires the student to be confined at home or hospital for a minimum of 4 weeks


    Implications for Homebound Services

    • Homebound Services are the most restrictive learning environment. Students who qualify for homebound instruction will need a physician’s release to participate in any in-person school activities. 
    • A Homebound student is not allowed to have a job outside the home while receiving Homebound Services. 
    • Homebound services are not intended as a long-term substitute for school attendance nor as an alternative route to graduation. An important part of the plan for providing homebound educational services should be a transition plan to return the student to the campus as soon as medically possible.
    • Homebound services are not always effective in addressing the needs of students who are experiencing school phobia, school avoidance, or have a moderate condition such as chronic fatigue syndrome. Effective interventions should address the underlying issues affecting the student’s ability to participate in the general curriculum at school.


    How Homebound Services Wor

    Homebound services are provided by a certified teacher who is a generalist. Students are expected to communicate with their campus teachers for subject-specific questions. The Homebound Teacher can facilitate this as well.

    • Homebound students are not exempt from assignments and are still responsible for completing work to show mastery of the curriculum. 
    • The homebound teacher will be encouraging the homebound student to stay current on assignments so that when the student can return to school, he/she can rejoin the class with ease. 
    • While the student is receiving homebound services, the student may not participate in or attend extracurricular school activities including sports events, school dances, or work outside the home unless specified by the physician and indicated on the Homebound Needs Assessment.
    • The Homebound Teacher and parent will work cooperatively to arrange a mutually agreeable schedule for homebound services. After 3 consecutive missed appointments or a pattern of canceled appointments, the committee will determine the ongoing course of action. 



    A student receives 100% attendance when the homebound teacher provides four (4) hours of instruction weekly. Attendance is necessary to meet state requirements for compulsory attendance, to obtain course credit, and to advance from grade to grade. An adult, age 18 or older, must be present at all times when the Homebound Teacher is present. 


    Homebound Services Agreement

    To maximize the effectiveness of homebound instruction, parents agree with the following:

    • An adult (18 years or older) must be present in the home the ENTIRE time a homebound teacher is present.
    • A clean, safe and secure environment should be provided with appropriate lighting, ventilation, and heating/air conditioning.
    • No TV, radio, young children, pets, or other people should be acting in a distracting manner during the homebound session.
    • A smoke-free environment is required.
    • Internet access will be made available, if not already in the home.


    transitioning back to campus

    The student is expected to return back to campus the day after the Homebound Needs Assessment expires unless there is an extension needed to be indicated by the doctor. In the event that the student is able to return sooner than the end date, we will need a Drs release before returning to campus.