Health Services

  • Supporting BISD’s school children’s academic success & wellness

    Bastrop ISD has a nurse at every campus. Our mission is to ensure the safety and well-being of each student during the school day and during school activities. 

    Services provided by campus nurses:

    • Management and Care of the Whole Child
    • Parent Education Individualized to the Student
    • Health & Wellness Education
    • Annual Mandated Health Screenings Vision/Hearing/Scoliosis Screenings
    • Texas Risk Assessment for Type 2 Diabetes
    • Immunization Record Screening
    • Staff –Specific Training:
      • Bloodborne pathogens
      • AED locations
      • Seizures
      • Emergency treatment for Anaphylaxis, Allergies & Asthma
      • CPR & First Aid Training Offered and Provided Upon Request
      • Epi-Pen Awareness Training & Hands-On Training
      • Unlicensed Diabetic Care Management (UDCA)

    If you have a child who requires any healthcare assistance, please contact the nurse directly on your student's campus to share important information and develop a plan.


    Medication Release

    In order to administer medication to your child, we must have:

    1. Your signed permission
    2. All medication must be in the labeled original container
    3. For a medication that needs to be taken at home and at school, ask your pharmacist to fix two bottles for you so that you may leave one at school (children do forget to pick up medication to take home.)

    Medication Release form in English & Spanish