Medication at School

  • Beginning August 2024, all medications, including over the counter and prescription medications, will require a doctor’s order. A prescription label will no longer suffice as a doctor’s order. 

    Bastrop ISD, and other school districts throughout Region 13, are revising our medication procedures to ensure compliance with the Board of Nursing Rules, including the Nurse Practice Act.  It's important to emphasize that these changes are being implemented for the health and safety of our students. By requiring a doctor’s order for all medications, we can ensure that each student receives the correct dosage at the appropriate time, as prescribed by their healthcare provider. This helps to minimize the risk of medication errors and promotes a safer school environment for all.

    Please keep in mind that students are not permitted to carry medications without a current doctor’s note.

    We understand that these changes may require adjustments and appreciate your patience and understanding as we implement them. If you have questions or concerns, you may contact us at or 512-772-7249.

    2023-2024 Medication Release

    In order to administer medication to your child, we must have:

    1. Your signed permission
    2. All medication must be in the labeled original container
    3. For a medication that needs to be taken at home and at school, ask your pharmacist to fix two bottles for you so that you may leave one at school.

    Emergency Medications

    All campuses have an emergency supply of epinephrine that campus nurses or other trained school employees may administer in the event of an unexpected, undiagnosed anaphylactic reaction.

    The District has specific procedures regarding the maintenance, administration, and disposal of epinephrine auto-injectors. The District works to provide sterile auto-injectors that are maintained in the campus nurse clinic, checked periodically, and disposed of properly after use. Staff are appropriately trained as to the right circumstances in which to administer an epinephrine auto-injector in the event of an anaphylactic reaction.