The Why

  • What is the BootUp 1:1 Initiative?

  • Why has the district made the decision to go 1:1?

  • Why does my child need a Bastrop ISD Chromebook?


Program Overview

  • Are there fees for students associated with the program?

  • Do I have to pay the Protection Plan fee each year?

  • What if a student doesn’t have access to the Internet at home?

  • Why is it important for my child to bring the device back and forth from school to home?

  • Will a student need to bring the Chromebook home if there is already a device at home?

  • Is there a Technology Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)? Where can I find it?

  • Does this device stay with the student all year?

  • How can I help support the school with this 1:1 program?


Device Care

  • What do I do if my child is changing schools?

  • What if my child’s device is damaged, lost, or stolen?



  • Is the district using a content filter for Internet browsing?