• Bastrop ISD Strategic Plan

    In the spring of 2022, Bastrop ISD partnered with N2 Learning and Dr. Eddie Coulson to facilitate a collaborative strategic planning process that allowed us to determine our aspirations for educating the more than 12,000 students we serve each and every day. The Strategic Planning Team was made up of 60 individuals, including high school students, teachers, principals and other district staff, business owners and civic leaders who are invested in the success of our district. 

    The Strategic Planning Team participated in a series of exercises and conversations that led us to create our core values, craft a mission and vision, and identify key strategic priorities for the coming years. The result is a Strategic Plan approved by Bastrop ISD Board of Trustees on April 19, 2022 that will guide our work for the next three to five years.

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    Our vision is that every student graduates from BISD prepared for life's challenges and ready for tomorrow's opportunities.


    The mission of the Bastrop Independent School District is to develop and educate every student so they can make a positive impact on their families, the workforce, and the greater community.

    Core Values

    • School is a place of belonging, dignity, and mutual respect.
    • Learning experiences that encourage students to be creators and producers will prepare them to reach their full potential.
    • Emotional intelligence and practical work skills are as important as academic knowledge.
    • Analyzing information and thinking critically should be part of the daily life of students and staff.
    • Strong relationships between families, educators, businesses, and non-profit agencies will ensure our students and our community thrive.

    Strategic Priorities

    We have identified four strategic priorities. These are not all of the goals for Bastrop ISD, but they are the overarching "big ideas" we want to focus on as we strive to become a destination district of excellence. Each year, the District will develop Annual Performance Objectives for each of the four strategic priority areas. Our Performance Objectives for each Strategic Priority are:

    Graduation CapStudent Success & Well-Being

          • Address the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of all students through high-quality Multi-Tiered Systems of Support. 
          • Identify work/life skills that are most important for students to know and create a framework for implementing them.
          • ​​Develop systems and structures that value student ownership of their academic and behavioral success.

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    Teaching & Learning Practices

          • Develop and implement comprehensive teaching and learning practices to advance the academic achievement of every student.  
          • Promote a collaborative and adaptable learning environment that gives students opportunities to excel and take risks with their learning.
          • Enhance professional learning with opportunities for teachers to visit/observe model classrooms that successfully blend the teaching of academic content, practical work skills, and critical thinking.


    Organizational Culture

          • Provide a welcoming environment that embraces mutual respect and care and prioritizes healthy relationships with students, families, and colleagues.
          • Strengthen disciplinary practices and safety protocols to ensure safe, respectful, and responsible schools.
          • Enhance its onboarding experience to prepare every new employee for success in BISD.

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    Collaborative Partnerships

          • Expand family/community engagement and parent education activities to support and accelerate student outcomes.
          • Create multiple pathways for students to acquire communication and interpersonal skills through positive interaction and networking within the business community.
          • Strengthen external partnerships to help students attain industry certifications, work experience, and/or sponsorship opportunities.