Financial Transparency

  • Transparency Star Traditional Finances Bastrop ISD values transparency. The Business & Finance Department is continuing its effort to provide transparent and accountable financial information to our community. We strive to present financial reports and relevant information in a format that is easily accessible and understandable. This dedicated webpage is part of our effort to provide the community with more direct access.

    The data provided here is in accordance with the Texas Comptroller of Public Account's Transparency Star Program criteria for local governments. This program is designed to recognize entities for going above and beyond their transparency efforts and who open their books to the public, who provide clear, consistent pictures of spending, and who share information in a user-friendly format.

    Finance Summary

    The following summary data is from the district's Annual Financial Report for the year ended June 30, 2016.

    Governmental Funds 2015-16

    Revenues & Expenditures Per Student

    Bastrop ISD: Revenues & Expenditures per Capita, Fiscal Year 2012-2016  

    Tax Rate Trend 

    Bastrop ISD: Property Tax Rate per $100 Valuation, Fiscal 2012-2016  

    Full-Time Equivalent Employees 

    Full-Time Equivalent Employees

    Annual Financial Reports

    The Annual Financial Report (AFR) consists of management's representations concerning the finances of the District. The annual financial statements, presented in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles, have been audited by licensed certified public accountants.

    The most recent report is available for download by clicking the document below. For a list of all reports since 2007, please go to Annual Financial Reports.

    Annual Financial Report 2016-2017



    The budget reflects the allocation of revenues and expenditures to support educational programs and services. Each school district in Texas is required by law to prepare annually a budget for the General Fund, the Debt Service Fund, and the Food Service Program. The following budget documents are the original budgets adopted by the Board of Trustees. The Business & Finance Department performs budget reviews during the year in which budget requirements are re-evaluated, and revisions are recommended to the Board. Therefore, the budget amendments are not included in the original budget documents.

    The most recent budget is available for download by clicking the document below. For a list of all budgets since 2005, please go to Budgets.

    Budget 2017-2018

    Budget 2017-2018 Public Hearing Presentation


    Check Registers

    In an effort to be transparent and accountable to the public, the District posts monthly check registers showing payments by check number, date, payee, amount, and type of expenditure. We provide Monthly Check Registers for convenient access. In addition, we have provided quarterly check registers below for download in Excel spreadsheet format.

    Check Register 2018 Qtr 4

    Check Register 2018 Qtr 3

    Check Register 2018 Qtr 2

    Check Register 2018 Qtr 1

    Check Register 2017 Qtr 4

    Check Register 2017 Qtr 3

    Check Register 2017 Qtr 2

    Check Register 2017 Qtr 1

    Check Register 2016 Qtr 4

    Check Register 2016 Qtr 3

    Check Register 2016 Qtr 2

    Check Register 2016 Qtr 1

    Check Register 2015 Qtr 4

    Check Register 2015 Qtr 3

    Check Register 2015 Qtr 2

    Check Register 2015 Qtr 1

    Check Register 2014 Qtr 4

    Check Register 2014 Qtr 3


    Monthly Financial Activity Reports

    The financial activity reports are presented to the Board of Trustees by governmental fund type at each regular monthly Board meeting. These statements are unaudited. Questions pertaining to the information in these reports should be directed to Sandra Callahan, Chief Financial Officer.

    Monthly Financial Reports


    Monthly Investment Reports

    Monthly Investment Reports provide information and analysis on the District's investments in accordance with the Texas Public Funds Investment Act.

    Monthly Investment Reports


    Debt Obligation

    The Business & Finance Department is responsible for preparing financial reports and debt information that promote transparency and accountability. Click here to access Bastrop ISD's debt information.