Molly McClure, Trustee Place 4

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    "It is really an honor for me to play a part in supporting children in meeting their future aspirations. I am excited about the direction our district has taken to provide an excellent education with quality teachers and instruction. I want to be a part of this endeavor because it supports the future of our entire community."

    Molly McClure and her husband Leon have proudly called Bastrop home since 2010. Molly is a retired educator with over 20 years of experience in elementary and special education and as an Instructional Coach. After retirement she was a Staff Developer for Houston-area teachers seeking National Board Certification and a consultant with private and public schools. 

    Mrs. McClure holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary and Special Education and a Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Development from the University of Houston. Molly received National Board Certification in 2000 and then earned certification as a Master Reading Teacher in the state of Texas in 2001.

    Retirement for Molly has not brought closure to her career but rather a continued presence demonstrating the passion she holds for bringing the best quality of education to all children by volunteering with community associations such as We Believe in BISD of the Bastrop Chamber of Commerce and Bastrop County Cares Early Childhood Coalition. She is a member of Ascension Catholic Church.

    Molly has served as a trustee since 2014 and is a graduate of the 2016-2017 Leadership Academy for the Texas Association of School Boards. She and Leon have three children and two grandchildren living in Austin and Houston.


    (Updated July 2022)