Billy Moore, Trustee

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    "Serving on the board allows me the opportunity to work with so many talented, accomplished, and dedicated professionals. Our board is focused on success for all students and is supportive of our administrators, staff, and teachers as well. I look forward to the continued community support for our students and staff and to sharing the challenges and accomplishments ahead."

    Billy Moore graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with English and History Secondary Teacher’s Certification. He later earned a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the University of Colorado and has worked in various aspects of photography since, most recently as a photographer for LCRA Corporate Communications. Currently he is self-employed as an independent photographer producing commercial work and marketing materials. His photographs are in museum collections throughout the western United States.

    Though an Austin native, Mr. Moore is a 35-year resident of Bastrop County, along with his wife Kathleen, who was a Special Education Counselor and advanced academics coordinator in BISD for 10 years. Their two sons graduated from Bastrop High School and are successfully pursuing their career goals in medical and high tech pursuits.

    Since 2014, Billy has served on the BISD School Board, with terms as President and Vice President. As Bastrop continues its rapid growth, he remains committed to enhancing the learning experiences of all BISD students and to continue working for the betterment of our schools. Billy understands that thoughtful oversight and effective communication are the keys to leading our district to success.


    (Updated August 2023)