Citizens Advisory Task Force

Group photo of the Task Force

    The Citizens Advisory Task Force (CATF) began as a diverse group of 64 men and women who represent all parts of our community. Fifty-nine members completed the whole process. They were parents, grandparents, business owners, civic leaders, clergy, retirees, and others who were interested in our school district. The CATF met regularly  from October 2019 to January 2020 to hear presentations and digest data and information related to demographics, school finance, teaching and learning, facilities and educational adequacy assessment results, and more. In addition, the team toured various facilities to gain a complete understanding of the immediate and long-term needs of the district. The work of the CATF is crucial to the sustainability and expansion of our facilities and programs, to improving property values, addressing the overall growth of the community, and to the quality of education in our district. Learn more about the work of the CATF by visiting the CATF webpage.