Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs of Study

  • Career and Technical Education Programs of Study allow students to explore areas of career interests through course content, work-based learning experiences, industry-based certification completion and student organizations.  These experiences prepare students to pursue opportunities for high wage, high skill and in-demand careers either after graduation or after pursuing post secondary education.

    Bastrop ISD offers 16 programs of study across both comprehensive high schools. The programs of study are:

    • Animal Science
    • Applied Agricultural Engineering
    • Food Science and Technology
    • Environmental and Natural Resources
    • Carpentry/Construction
    • Digital Communications
    • Graphic Design and Multimedia Arts
    • Business Management
    • Teaching and Training
    • Healthcare Diagnostics
    • Healthcare Therapeutic
    • Lodging and Resort Management
    • Law Enforcement
    • Automotive
    • Cybersecurity
    • Engineering



Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs of Study

  • The course sequence for each Program of Study are displayed below.  Examples of aligned career videos are linked below each Program of Study.   

    agriculture programs of study slide 


    Food Scientist

     construction program of study slide

    Shop Manager

    Project Manager


    arts av communications program of study slide

    Director SXSW                                                                 

    Game Designer                                                                   

    3D Animator                                                                           

      Business program of study slide                             

    CFO and Chief Actuary


    Recruitment Director

    education program of study slide



    Workforce Development                                                                  

    Health Science Program of Study Slide

    Emergency Physician

    Registered Nurse 

    Hospitality Program of Study Slide

    Food and Travel Writer                                                    

    Master Chef                                                                                          

    Hotel Chain President                                                                            

    Events Coordinator                                                                  

    Law Enforcement Program of Study Slide

    Police Commissioner



    Naval Commander

    Cybersecurity Program of Study Slide

    Technology and Information Risk

    Engineering Program of Study slide

    Industrial Engineer 

    Automotive Program of Study Slide

    Automotive Technician

    Shop Manager