Common School Zone Violations

  • School Zone Violations

    There are special laws regarding the protection and safety of our children in and around school zones. These laws are subject to change without notice by the legislature. This is a short guide to help provide education about a few common offenses that occur in and around schools.

    Speeding in a School Zone

    A speeding citation in a school zone is typically a much higher fine amount than a speeding citation issued outside of a school zone. Both the fine amounts and court costs are higher when in these zones. You may still be eligible to complete a driver’s safety course or deferred disposition for dismissal of your citation.

    Cell Phone Usage

    It is illegal to use your cell phone while driving anywhere on school property. The Texas Legislature expanded this law to include parking lots, or any other school property – in addition to school zones. You may; however, use hands-free wireless devices, use a cell phone while your car is in a parked position, or use a cell phone to make an emergency phone call.

    Passing a School Bus

    The 2013 Legislature Session increased the minimum fine amount for passing a school bus to $500 plus court costs for a first offense. For a second offense, the minimum fine amount has been increased to $1,000 plus court costs. If you are charged with this offense please contact the court for your total amount due (fine + court costs).

    School Zones

    The school zone flashing lights are determined by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT). TXDOT determines where the lights are placed, what times the lights turn on, and what times the lights turn off.